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Roofing Hampton Roads Homes & Businesses Since 1910

Miles Roofing is and has been a reputable roofing company that specializes in a wide range of services, from roofing and solar to siding, gutters, windows, and doors. With a strong presence across the entire commonwealth of Virginia and the North-Eastern part of North Carolina, we have established ourselves as a reliable provider of home exterior solutions in the region.

When it comes to repairs, our skilled and experienced team is equipped to handle various roofing issues, whether it’s fixing leaks, repairing damaged shingles, or addressing structural damage caused by storms or wear and tear. We understand the importance of prompt and effective repairs to prevent further damage and protect the integrity of your property. In addition to repairs, we offer re-roofing services, which involve replacing an entire roof or a significant portion of it. Whether your roof has reached the end of its lifespan, suffered extensive damage, or simply wish to upgrade its appearance and functionality, our team can guide you through the process and provide expert recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

110+ Years
In Business

Why Miles

A Company You Can Trust

Since 1910, businesses and homeowners have been trusting Miles Roofing to keep their stores and homes dry.

  • NLicensed & Insured in VA & NENC
  • NBBB A+ Rating
  • N24-Hour Emergency Operator
  • N25-Year, 30-Year, 50-Year & Lifetime Warranties
  • N4.6 Stars on Angi



Residential Roofing

We offer expert installations, repairs, and replacements to ensure the protection and longevity of your home.

Commercial Roofing

We provide professional services such as installations, repairs, and replacements to safeguard your business property and have been for 110+ Years.


We offer custom-designed gutters, collector boxes, and downspouts for your home to effectively manage rainwater flow and protect your property from potential water damage.


Siding serves as the crucial barrier between your home and the elements. Our professional siding installers ensure that moisture is effectively kept out, providing both aesthetic appeal and reliable protection for your property.

Windows & Doors

Elevate the appearance of your home while safeguarding it from the elements by choosing new windows and doors.

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About Miles Roofing

A Family Legacy

Sherri Miles, the President of Miles Roofing, proudly upholds the family legacy as the fourth-generation leader of the company.

Having grown up with the business ingrained in her upbringing, Sherri has an innate understanding of the values, principles, and craftsmanship that have defined Miles Roofing for generations. From an early age, she observed her family's passion for providing top-notch roofing solutions and maintaining long-standing relationships with their clients.

We've been around for 110+ years and there's a reason why. Learn more about Sherri and the generations that paved the way to where Miles Roofing is today.

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What Customers Have To Say

They are still giving the same good service since the first time we asked them to work for us.

They installed a new roof for us and they have been doing routine service for 40 years for us now.

Susan H.

The guys were excellent. Anything that I wanted, they did. I would rate them an A. They worked on my roof, windows, and built a ramp.

Cheryl B.

They’re excellent, as my family has been using them for years and years. They may not be the lowest price in town, but you get a good service and a good roof.

Susan H.

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