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Custom Sheet Metal

Miles Roofing has perfomed custom sheet metal work on Hampton Roads homes for years. Because we hand cut and bend all of your sheet metal exterior home components for the best fit and finish available, it saves you money since there is no waste or middle man markups.





Miles Roofing offers custom-designed gutters, collector boxes, and downspouts for your home.  We offer a wide range of gutter systems, including seamless rain gutters. Seamless systems are designed on location with a custom metal extruder, so that they fit and match your home perfectly.  Seamless systems can cut down on problems like gutter clogs, leaks, and metal joints, so that they function properly for years and reduce your exterior home maintenance.





FASCIA & SOFFIT - Fascia Explained for the Home Owner 

The fascia & soffit are the components of your roof that form the visible edges and the underside of the roof’s overhang. In addition to supporting rain gutters and keeping your roofline looking straight and crisp, the soffit and fascia also provides ventilation to your roofing materials, preventing problems like condensation, mold growth, and wet rot. On Top Roofing can create beautiful, customized fascia and soffits for your home that will blend right in while keeping your building pristine.


  • Downspout
  • Leaf protection systems for gutters
  • Fascia wrap
  • Soffit
  • Window and door trim
  • Chimney Caps

Gutter Fabrication

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