About Miles Roofing

A Name & Family You Can Trust

Our Story

In 1910, J.D. Miles, Sr. founded J.D. Miles Roofing and Sheet Metal in South Norfolk, VA. Miles Roofing was incorporated in 1970 as a sister company to J.D. Miles & Sons. Throughout the years, our services have expanded from serving the business community here in Hampton Roads to serving the needs of homeowners across the area.

Today, Miles Roofing offers Hampton Roads homeowners and businesses quality products and impeccable service. We remain a family-owned and run business and continue to uphold the mission and values J.D. Miles & Sons was founded upon.

Generation two and three in the 1960s: Dudley Miles III, Joe Miles Jr. and Alan Miles
Why Miles

A Company You Can Trust

Since 1910, Miles Roofing has been the trusted name that businesses and homeowners turn to when it comes to keeping their stores and homes dry. With over a century of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable and reputable roofing company that stands the test of time.

  • NLicensed & Insured in VA & NENC
  • NBBB A+ Rating
  • N24-Hour Emergency Operator
  • N25-Year, 30-Year, 50-Year & Lifetime Warranties
  • N4.6 Stars on Angi

Our Team

Our success is built upon the passion and expertise of our incredible team. Led by 4th generation owners, Sherri Miles and JD Miles, IV, we take pride in the exceptional skills and unwavering dedication of our roofers, installers, and every individual who plays a vital role in keeping our business thriving.

Together, we work tirelessly to deliver top-notch roofing solutions, ensuring the utmost quality and customer satisfaction. With a shared commitment to excellence, our team is the backbone of our company, bringing professionalism, craftsmanship, and a genuine love for what we do to every project we undertake.

Sherri Miles
4th Generation Owner
President, Miles Roofing

J.D. Miles, IV
4th Generation Owner
President, J.D. Miles & Sons

Our Mission

We build great people to do extraordinary things.

Our Vision

We will keep people safe and dry as we grow the company, achieve our financial goals, develop our employees, and continually improve our processes.

We Value Our Employees, Their Families, & Our Community


Going home to your families at night.

  • Plan the job first
  • Understand the rules
  • Use PPE and the right tool for the job
  • See something do something


Building better communities one employee at a time.

  • Praise and appreciate
  • Respect everyone
  • Serve others
  • Achieve shared goals


Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • Manage energy, water, waste, and emissions
  • Embrace diversity and workplace development
  • Strengthen the community through outreach


Doing the job right.

  • Think creatively to solve problems
  • Master the craft
  • Champion continuous improvement
  • Get the details right


Living with Purpose.

  • Be open, honest, and direct
  • Set the example
  • Mentor and coach others
  • Take initiative and responsibility

Considering Joining Our Team?

Ronald McDonald House Roof Donation

Our mission is to make a lasting, positive impact on our local community and support those who are dedicated to giving back. We recently had the honor of donating our time, expertise, and products into installing a complete roof for the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization that tirelessly serves our community. We are committed to using our skills to support and uplift those who are making a difference.

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